What I’m Reading: Nicholas Smith

Nicholas Smith, author of Kicks, recommends three nonfiction books that you've got to pick up for yourself.


Nicholas K. Smith, a reporter by trade, turns his investigative eye on a cultural institution around the world: sneakers. In Kicks, he traces the footprint (pun intended) of one of the most iconic fashions across sports, business, pop culture, and American identity. The sneaker wasn’t always quite as ubiquitous as it is today; once confined to the upper echelons of high-society beaches and croquet courts, sneakers have become the totem of subcultures, prized collectors’ items, the cause of violence and riots, the muse of high fashion, and so much more.

Smith took some time to tell us about three books he’s been reading lately, and why he recommends them to others. Watch the video below to learn all about them!

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NICHOLAS SMITH has worked as a reporter for the past ten years, covering a range of topics including stolen WWII art, melting glaciers, Austrian indie gamers, and the New York City mayoral election. He is a 2014 graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism, where he was awarded the Lynton Fellowship in Book Writing. A native of Arizona, Nick now lives in Vienna, Austria with his wife and two children.
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