Thrillers We Can’t Wait to Read in Spring 2019

Enjoy a twisty thriller alongside that fresh springtime air.


Audiobooks with Celebrity Narrators

What do you get when you mix your favorite celebrity with a good story? A great audiobook.

By • 2 days ago

Books That Celebrate the History of Hip-Hop

Hip-hop is more than just music–it's a movement.

By • 3 days ago

15 Questions About The Little Mermaid You’ve Always Wanted to Ask

As we revisit The Little Mermaid for the millionth time, certain nagging questions arise.

By • 4 days ago

What I’m Reading: Amber Tamblyn

Amber Tamblyn, author of Era of Ignition, shares three books that will educate and inspire you.

By • 4 days ago

15 Refugee Stories That Need to Be Read Over and Over Again

While these stories tell tales of horror and war, they also acquaint readers with tremendous acts of compassion.

By • 5 days ago
Author Essay

Was Glinda the Good Witch our First Feminist Icon?

Elizabeth Letts, author of Finding Dorothy, argues that before The Wizard of Oz, good witches didn't exist.

By ELIZABETH LETTS • 6 days ago

Nonfiction Books by Brave Women From Around the World

We need to hear their stories and share them with everyone we know.

By • 1 week ago
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