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RIF’s Favorite Reads of February 2021

Helping you sort out the best from the rest published this month.

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6 Boy Mom Books I Love

Landslide author Susan Conley celebrates the unique sub-genre of books about moms raising boys.

By SUSAN CONLEY • 3 weeks ago
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Why Fantasy is the Comfort Food of Books

Kim Harrison, author of American Demon, explains why fantasy books are the perfect reading material for these *unprecedented times.*

By KIM HARRISON • 4 weeks ago
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10 Books All Aspiring Gals About Town Should Read

Catherine Cohen—poet, podcast host, comedy sensation, and millennial quarantine queen—shares a reading list for gals about town.

By CATHERINE COHEN • 4 weeks ago
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Which is Better: The Book or its Adaptation?

Author and Hollywood producer Nina Sadowsky reminds us that the book isn't always better than the movie.

By NINA SADOWSKY • 4 weeks ago

Fantastic Paperbacks You Don’t Want to Miss

These new-in-paperback books mean you're dropping less cash for awesome reads. Who doesn't love that?

By • 1 month ago

What I’m Reading: Ingrid Persaud

Love After Love author Ingrid Persaud delves into books that examine the indomitable human spirit.

By • 1 month ago
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How my Family’s Escape from the Holocaust Shaped my Writing

Lauren Fox's grandparents and mother fled Germany to escape the Holocaust. Their letters inform her new novel, Send for Me.

By LAUREN FOX • 1 month ago
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