What I’m Reading: Sherri L. Smith

Sherri L. Smith, author of Pasadena, tells us all about her favorite reads.

Sherri L. Smith

Sherri L. Smith is an award-winning YA author who has written an extensive range of novels in multiple genres. Her most recent novel, Pasadena, is a story of love, damage, and salvation that reads like a love letter to the great L.A. noir stories. Like so many book lovers, Sherri was an avid child reader who grew up to be a fan of great writing and storytelling of all kinds. Having worked in stop motion animation (Mars Attacks!), Disney TV Animation, and Bongo Comics (the company that brings you The Simpsons in print), she has a wealth of experience telling stories across different media to widely diverse audiences.

We asked her to share the books on her to-be-read pile, and she told us about a novel set in Russia from the fall of the Tsars through modern day, a book that analyzes the treatment of time in fiction, and a book most people think of as a story for kids that she says everybody should read!

SHERRI L. SMITH was born in Chicago, Illinois and spent most of her childhood reading books. She currently lives in Los Angeles, where she has worked in movies, animation, comic books and construction.
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