Books Can Be Your Buddies: Dave Hill, Malcolm Gladwell & Dick Cavett

Watch this awkward chat show in which author Malcolm Gladwell suspects comedic writer Dave Hill of plagiarism.

Legendary television personality Dick Cavett hosts the first (and last) episode of “Books Can Be Your Buddies,” a chat show about books. In this episode, comedian and musician Dave Hill and noted author Malcolm Gladwell angrily discuss Dave’s new book, Dave Hill Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. Gladwell is fairly certain he’s been the victim of plagiarism; Dave Hill responds with an obscene drawing.

Watch below, then pick up Dave Hill’s book to see if Malcolm Gladwell is kidding—or not.

In Dave Hill Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, comedian and musician Dave Hill, with his signature matter-of-fact humor, explores his increasingly close relationship with his recently widowed father in a series of painfully funny essays you will want to read again and again by the fire, at the beach, in a truck stop men’s room, or just about anywhere. It’s your call, really.

Author Photo: © Mindy Tucker

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DAVE HILL is a comedian, writer, and musician originally from Cleveland but now living in New York City. He has written for The New York TimesThe Paris ReviewSalonGQMcSweeney's, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and Guitar World, among other publications. He is a regular contributor to public radio’s This American Life and hosts his own radio show, The Goddamn Dave Hill Show, on WFMU in Jersey City, New Jersey. Dave has starred in his own TV series, The King of Miami, on the MOJO Network, which was canceled even though Dave really liked it. He has also appeared on Comedy Central, BBC America, MTV, and Adult Swim, among others, and is a regular host on HBO and Cinemax. Dave performs live comedy in theaters and basements all over the world. He also plays guitar and sings in his own rock band, Valley Lodge, whose song “Go” is the theme song for HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John OliverDave Hill Doesn’t Live Here Anymore is his sec­ond collection of nonfiction essays. Tasteful Nudes: . . . and Other Misguided Attempts at Personal Growth and Validation is his first.
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