Jess’s Favorite Books of All Time

RIF's Assistant Editor is leaving us the only way she knows how...with book recommendations galore!

By • 4 weeks ago

What I’m Reading: Keltie Knight

Keltie Knight, co-author of Act Like a Lady and co-host of The LadyGang podcast, shares some book recommendations!

By • 1 month ago

5 Books for Fans of The Real Housewives

Love drama? Crave the thrill of a meltdown (that isn't your own)? Then these books are for you.

By CAMILLA LÄCKBERG • 2 months ago

5 Thrilling Books About Social Media

Social media has become a big part of our daily lives. These novels explore its true power.

By DAVID BELL • 3 months ago

My Obsession With Midsommar (and My Thoughts on the Movie)

Diane Zinna reflects on writing a debut novel about Midsommar—and seeing the 2019 film.

By DIANE ZINNA • 3 months ago
Author Essay

Watching Shirley on the Big Screen

Susan Scarf Merrell, author of Shirley, walks us through watching her novel unfold in the movie adaptation.

By SUSAN SCARF MERRELL • 3 months ago

Books to Read Based on the Broadway Shows You’ve Loved

Emily Neuberger, whose debut is set on Broadway in the '50s, recommends books for Broadway fans to read right now.

By EMILY NEUBERGER • 4 months ago
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How TV Shows Helped Me Write My Debut Novel

I wanted to write a book that would say something about the world, and at the same time, be fun to watch.

By MEGHA MAJUMDAR • 4 months ago