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Why We Need Novels to Bring History to Life

Carolina De Robertis, author of Cantoras, pays tribute to the real women who inspired her novel.


Books to Change Your Life Every Day in Small Ways

A change is a change, no matter how small.

By • 3 weeks ago

Essay Collections Every Millennial Should Read

To essay means to try, and millennials are trying. Hard.

By • 4 weeks ago
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The Necessity of Young Protagonists in Adult Literature

Alan Bradley, author of the Flavia de Luce series, explains why we need these younger heroes.

By ALAN BRADLEY • 1 month ago
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What I Learned from Taking 2,000 SoulCycle Classes

It can change your life—in and out of the studio.

By LAUREN GERSHELL • 2 months ago

Must-Read Nonfiction Books on WWII

The lives chronicled in these books are ones of remarkable heroism, compassion, and courage.

By • 2 months ago
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How I Dared to Write About Werewolves (And Still Do)

Linda Godfrey, author of I Know What I Saw, reveals the surprising books that inspired her career in monsters.

By LINDA S. GODFREY • 2 months ago
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The Headline That Changed My Life

Bianca Marais, author of If You Want to Make God Laugh, reflects on the impetus of her new novel.

By BIANCA MARAIS • 2 months ago