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Which is Better: The Book or its Adaptation?

Author and Hollywood producer Nina Sadowsky reminds us that the book isn't always better than the movie.

By NINA SADOWSKY • 2 months ago
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How to Decide What to Read Next

How to Decide author Annie Duke helps you cull your intimidatingly large TBR pile and pick your next book—easily.

By ANNIE DUKE • 3 months ago
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5 Books That Shaped Nikita Gill

Nikita Gill, bestselling poet, writer, and Instagram sensation, reflects on her favorite reads.

By NIKITA GILL • 3 months ago
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On Writing the Story She’d Wanted to Read

Well-Behaved Indian Women author Saumya Dave wrote the book she'd wished was available to her younger self.

By SAUMYA DAVE • 3 months ago
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The Allure of Older Protagonists

There is always still room for revision, expansion, and squeezing out even more meaning.

By DANIEL HORNSBY • 7 months ago
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What Road Trips Add to a Story

The literary road and the real road are very different, but both are very important in character development and telling a story.

By VANESSA VESELKA • 8 months ago
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How Books Can Help Us in Times of Transition

Reading plays a large role in helping people find meaning, purpose, and direction in times of uncertainty.

By BRUCE FEILER • 9 months ago
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The Magic of New York City in Life and in Literature

New York is a city of complex stories.

By LEE CONELL • 9 months ago