The Best Summer Books to Help You Escape

This season's reads will allow you to vacate this world and enter another entirely.

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Summer Books That’ll Transport You Through Time

No vacation scheduled? Take trips through time with each turn of the page.

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My Obsession With Midsommar (and My Thoughts on the Movie)

Diane Zinna reflects on writing a debut novel about Midsommar—and seeing the 2019 film.

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5 Family Adventure Books to Fit Your Mood

I’ve always gravitated towards novels involving families. Here are a few of my favorites.

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What It Feels Like to Write About Your Life

It's awkward at first. But then, it's beautiful.

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Historical Fiction With Badass Female Protagonists

Just because historical fiction provides a diversion doesn’t mean it can’t also be relevant.

By MARGAUX DEROUX • 4 weeks ago
Author Essay

7 Reasons to Read Historical Fiction (If You Don’t Already)

Before you set aside a historical novel, consider what you can gain from reading about the past.

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Gorgeous Coffee Table Books to Enjoy at Home

Make your space even more cozy and complete.

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