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The Magic of Food in Fiction

Samantha Vérant, author of The Secret French Recipes of Sophie Valroux, talks about the savory visions that are induced when reading about food.

By SAMANTHA VÉRANT • 1 month ago
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Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Lisa Scottoline shares how Philip Roth influenced her new novel and reveals other historical fiction works she's been learning from recently.

By LISA SCOTTOLINE • 2 months ago

Strangers in a Strange Land: Books about the Immigrant and Refugee Experience

Roya Hakakian, author of A Beginner's Guide to America, shares meaningful books about leaving home and seeking a new one.

By ROYA HAKAKIAN • 2 months ago
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Why Solo Adventure Stories are Good for the Soul

Jenn McKinlay, author of Paris is Always a Good Idea, shows us how to travel vicariously through novels or use them as instruction manuals for the next time we get to leave our homes.

By JENN MCKINLAY • 2 months ago
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Why Fantasy is the Comfort Food of Books

Kim Harrison, author of American Demon, explains why fantasy books are the perfect reading material for these *unprecedented times.*

By KIM HARRISON • 3 months ago
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6 Must-Haves for a Good Historical Fiction Novel

If a historical story has these elements, it's bound to be a show-stopper.

By WENDY HOLDEN • 8 months ago
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What Road Trips Add to a Story

The literary road and the real road are very different, but both are very important in character development and telling a story.

By VANESSA VESELKA • 9 months ago

5 Wilderness Thrillers That Test Their Characters to the Max

Lace up your hiking books and prepare yourself for an adventure on every page.

By KAREN DIONNE • 9 months ago