Minnie Darke and Something in the Water

May 20, 2019 - Abbe chats with author Minnie Darke about astrology and her novel, Star-Crossed, and reviews a great summer thriller, Something in the Water.

In this episode of the Read it Forward podcast, Abbe tells us about the summer thriller she’s been enjoying, Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman. This suspenseful novel follows a young couple on their honeymoon, who, yes, find something a little terrifying in the water. But keeping what they find a secret could actually drown them both. DUN DUN DUN.

What would happen if someone starting messing with the horoscopes in the local paper? That’s the question that launches this fun beach read. Abbe sits down with author Minnie Darke to discuss her novel, Star-Crossed (she thinks her book is like an updated Love, Actuallyand we agree!) and astrology. We even discuss how Read it Forward uses horoscopes to determine what books you should read all year long.

I like the way people use astrology to explain themselves and make connections with other people.
—Minnie Darke

Finally, Abbe chats with Sophie Vershbow and Danielle Siess from the Random House social media team (and Random Recommendations on @RandomHouse Instagram!) about the books that belong on every millennial’s bookshelf. Just get ready to fill your TBR pile and your shelves with their superb suggestions.

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