Ben Macintyre and Annalena McAfee

December 31, 2018 - Talking spies with author Ben Macintyre and Scottish isles with Annalena McAfee, as well as guessing celebrity audiobook narrators.

Abbe interviews The Spy and The Traitor author Ben Macintyre and talks about his love of spies and what is so divine about John le Carré.

Later, she sits down with author Annalena McAfee about her novel, Hame, set in the Scottish Hebrides islands.

It's a fascinating thing to write about because if you get the right sort of material, you can write about the sorts of subjects that are usually monopolized by novelists—loyalty, love, betrayal, romance, adventure. And the difference is, that in spying, sometimes it's all true.
—Ben Macintyre

Finally, Emma and Abbe try to guess celebrity audiobook narrators, to varying degrees of success.

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