A Lady’s Guide to Selling Out and Icy Reads to Cool You Down

July 9, 2018 - As summer heats up, Emma and Abbe read books set in icy locales, Emma speaks with author Sally Franson about A Lady's Guide to Selling Out, and the Book Doctor offers up litscriptions.

In the 6th episode of the Read it Forward podcast, as the summer heats up, Emma and Abbe bemoan the recent heat wave and discuss books that are set in icy locations. From nonfiction about explorers trapped in the Arctic to favorite childhood classics with wintry settings, sometimes a book and a fan can serve as a virtual air conditioner.

Next, Emma invites author Sally Franson into the studio to discuss her debut novel, A Lady’s Guide to Selling Out. The two chat about the power of female friendship, their mutual love of the Twin Cities, favorite novels and inspiring writers like Elena Ferrante, Judy Blume, and Lois Lowry. Sally sticks around to tell us the book she thinks absolutely everyone should read.

Writing fiction is a moral exercise, so the question I found myself asking in the years of writing it was, 'What are my values?' because they're going to come out in the book whether I want them to or not.
—Sally Franson

Finally, The Book Doctor Stella offers up litscriptions for books to read if you’re feeling dejected, serene, or passionate.

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