RIFers and Their (Massive) TBR Piles

We asked you about your TBR piles and we can't say we're surprised to learn . . . they're massive! Also? Some of you are incredibly organized.


“I have a large (almost 2,000) TBR list on Goodreads…and have 250 books on my tablet’s “shelf,'” says RIFer Pamela S. “The books on the shelf are all the galleys I need to read and usually the next book in various series I am reading.”

Other RIFers keep their TBR pile in their eReader. Take Richard, for instance: he has 1300+ unread books on his Kindle! “There are 622 books in my bedroom (counted just now) unread,” he shared with us. “I have an Amazon shipment coming tomorrow (gifts! gifts to me!) with 11 books in it . . . Once I’ve finished with a book, I give it to a friend, donate it to a library, or – in rare cases – stroke it and sniff it and revel in the fact that it’s MINE!”

RIFer Donna R. has over 1,800 books in her TBR stash at the moment. “Romance, romantic suspense, erotica, horror, science fiction, thrillers, a couple of mysteries, some nonfiction/history, paranormal fiction and nonfiction and even a few biographies. I’m an equal opportunity book junkie,” she says.

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RIFer Carla W. keeps her TBR pile organized. Very organized. She admits, “OMG…I have a list that I’ve now made into a excel spreadsheet! Yikes! I have several going at once. I usually only read novels, but I do stash a few non-fiction in their occasionally! I have six book cases in my house, five of which are TBR, and one is ones I’ve read that are my favourites and ‘keepers.’ If I allow myself, I could get a little panicked, about trying to organize my reading!”


“I have several piles around my house!” says Vicki G. “They are all different varieties of genres too. Sometimes I have several books going at once other times, I’ll just read one at a time. When I’m ready for a new book, I just pick one based on my mood.”


Now here’s an idea. RIFer Rosemary S. says, “I generally just close the door to one bedroom . . . All my autographed books are in the bookcase and are mine forever, but as I read a book they are passed forward for others to enjoy.”

Rosemary isn’t alone. Keira G. does the same thing: “I have 368 books on my TBR ‘Pile’ (Or should I say TBR ROOM). My TBR pile rarely gets low, because I buy books almost every week. I buy them way, way faster than I can read them!”


RIFer C.E. is another voracious reader who has 1000 Kindle books waiting to be read. A self-professed “book hoarder,” C.E. says, “Counting all of the books in our house to give you an exact number would take me hours actually, but suffice to say that I need to live to be 127 to be able to read all of them. . . . I feel ‘wealthy’ when I know that I have all of these great books ready for me to read when I am ready to read them. It is like having a fully stocked pantry and refrigerator – a very comforting thought!”

How about you? Tell us about your TBR pile!

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KIRA WALTON has been stalking books all her life as a college English teacher, bookseller, book club consultant, author, and editor.

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