Pets Who Want to Get In on the Reading Fun

RIFers! Add a photo of your own pet to the comments and we'll include them in our list.

We loved this post about pets interrupting reading from The Dodo so much that we had to create our own version–except this time with our own pets!

Our cats and dogs really want to get in on the reading action. Can we blame them? Enjoy the cuteness!

1. Natasha wants to know what’s going to happen next. (Sent in by Cynthia B.)



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2. Peanut used to love to fight with her mom to turn the pages. Looks like Peanut won most of the time. (Sent in by Cynthia Z.)



3. “Can’t you pet me and read aloud at the same time?” (Sent in by Isabel Y.)

cute cat reading


4. Filbert really loves cookbooks. A lot.  (Sent in by Jessica R.)

cat cookbook


5. Play now, study later = Sedona’s mantra. (Sent in by Thomas T.)

golden doodle reading a book


6. Guadalupe likes to nuzzle with her favorite books. We can hear the purring from here! (Sent in by Nancy E.)

guadalupe cat cuddling book

7. Looks like Bellatrix wants to know what’s going to happen to her favorite character. (Sent in by Christine M.)

Bellatrix dog book

8. Bacon wants to join Dumbledore’s Army too!

baxter dog book

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