Our Dream Collection of Literary Shirts

We believe in celebrating our love of books in a sartorial way.

Readers love to wear their hearts on their sleeves, and usually in the form of literary shirts. If we had a walk-in closet, it would be filled to the brim with these funny, witty, and charming tops.


1. It’s not the book’s fault Hollywood got a hold of it. (Look Human)

judge a book shirt

2. These are a few of my favorite things. (Skreened)

coffee, books, and rain t-shirt

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3. What better way to rep your favorite character? (Litographs)

sherlock t-shirt

4. This shirt gets our stamp of approval *wink wink*. (Out of Print Clothing)

Library Stamp T-shirt

5. Because viral YouTube videos about books deserve their own t-shirts, too. (Skreened)

snape tshirt

6. This shirt touts a love of reading AND confidence. What a combo. (Look Human)

Shelf Esteem tshirt


7. Be a walking advertisement for your favorite book. (Out of Print)

Mice and Men tshirt


8. Pay homage to your book boyfriend(s). (Beloved Shirts)

boys in books tshirt

9. Author puns are the best puns. (Skreened)

lord of the rings tshirt


10. Because readers are superheroes. (Etsy)

fight evil read books tshirt


11. This literary cat is judging everyone and we love it. (Modcloth)
cat and book sweatshirt


12. Library nostalgia gets us every time. (Etsy)

library card shirt

13. This quote makes us feel all warm and fuzzy. (Etsy)

borges quote shirt

14. Ah yes, a classic. (Skreened)

i like big books tshirt


15. And the best shirt of all… (Look Human)


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