A Game of Literary Kill, Marry, Shag

Who would you kill, marry, shag from literature? Tell us in the comments!

I feel like I’ve been preparing for this blog post almost my entire reading life, since the moment I cracked the spine on Little House on The Prairie and contemplated the romantic attributes of Alonzo.

(I’d marry him – in case you were wondering…)

We’ll start with one of my most recent reading obsessions; Game of Thrones.

Let’s play:

Game of Thrones

This is tricky since half the characters I’ve loved have ended up dead – so have many of the characters I’d kill. And Khal Drago – who I’d shag. But luckily, there are seven hundred more characters to choose from.

Kill: Theon Greyjoy – someone needs to put him out of his misery.

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Marry: Tyrion Lannister – Life with Tyrion would never be dull and I love a man who can laugh at himself and commit patricide in the same day.

Shag: Jon Snow – *SPOILER* I refuse to believe he’s dead. REFUSE. And I think he got a great education down in the caves and he no longer knows nothing.


Jane Austen heroes – because this hasn’t been talked about enough…

Kill: Edward Ferrars – I always found him dull.

Marry: Mr. Knightly – he was the nicest of the lot with the best communication skills.

Shag: Mr. Darcy – despite his passive/aggressive attitude towards courting, I’d still shag him. And I’d be imagining Colin Firth all the while…


Historical Sagas

Kill: Rhett Butler – I actually want to kill Scarlet, but he’s the next best thing I suppose.

Marry: Jamie Fraser from Outlander – even though I will always be second to the Jacobite cause, I wouldn’t mind warming his kilt for the rest of my days.

Shag: Alex from The Bronze Horseman because it’s life or death all the time with that guy and I think that would make things pretty passionate.


Recent Bestsellers

Kill: Theo from The Goldfinch – someone needs to put ME out of my misery…

Marry: Mark Watney from The Martian – could you imagine how great he’d be with the chores around the house?

Shag: Nick Dunne from Gone Girl because I wouldn’t marry him and I think he might have some anger issues to work out, which would keep things interesting.



Kill: Christian Grey from 50 Shades of Grey – this is a tricky one, can I kill him after I shag him?

Marry: Samuel from The Shadow and The Star by Laura Kinsale – yes, he’s got some communication issues and piles and piles of childhood baggage, but he is my first and forever romance hero love.

Shag: Barrons from The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. He’s unpredictable, totally dark and probably the sexiest romance hero I’ve ever read.


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MOLLY O'KEEFE can remember the exact moment her love of romance began—in seventh grade, when Mrs. Nelson handed her a worn paperback copy of The Thorn Birds. Writing as Molly O’Keefe, she has won two RITA Awards and three RTReviewers’ Choice awards. She lives in Toronto, Canada, with her husband and two children.
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