Forget Oscar Fashion, We Want These Dresses Made From Books!

Everybody's talking about the red carpet hits and misses at last night's Academy Awards, but we're more inspired by these clever gowns made entirely of books!

(Or made from newspapers or magazines or telephone books … you get the idea.)

Sitting down might be difficult. And we’d want to stay way from rain (or open flame!) while wearing these beauties – but we’re all willing suffer a little for fashion, aren’t we?

dresses made from books oscar fashion

And we have to give a special mention to Miss Spelled (get it?!) for adorability. Here’s the artist at a readers and writers festival, modeling the dress she made entirely from the pages of a book.

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dress made from books

Photo Credit (article photo):
Romance Novel Dress

Photo Credits (main photo, from top to bottom, left to right):
Telephone Book Dress
Book Gown
Dress for a Fairy Tale Reading
Paper Prince Bride

Photo Credit (special mention):
Miss Spelled

Have you seen a nifty paper dress online? Share a link in the comments – we want to see it!

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