Our Favorite Book Podcast

This podcast is a must-listen for book lovers.

Books on the Nightstand is a long-standing books podcast. The 335th episode was posted this past Tuesday. Imagine 335 episodes of all books, all the time. It’s a beautiful thing.

The podcast is run by two publishing veterans who also happen to be two of the most well-read people we’ve encountered. They bring a passion and excitement to their book recommendations that make us feel downright giddy as we mentally stack each book mentioned onto our already-teetering TBR pile.

In addition to the great chatter about the latest and greatest reads, Ann and Michael also use their conversations to open a window into the publishing industry–from authors to bookstores. Their insight gives us readers an understanding of the world of books that’s hard to come by. Recent episodes have covered BookCon, the new genre of climate fiction (aka cli-fi), and a discussion of books that have recently become TV shows or movies–for better or worse.

Podcasts in general are having a “moment” right now, with the enormous success of Serial last year. No doubt more and more literary podcasts will be popping up. To us, Books on the Nightstand will always be that genre-defining podcast.

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