• The cover of the book What to Say Next

    What to Say Next

    Fans of Rainbow Rowell and Sophie Kinsella will flock to this charming and poignant novel of friendship. Everyone is shocked when popular girl Kit Lowell forms an unlikely friendship with socially awkward David Drucker. But Kit appreciates David’s blunt honesty, especially when she feels everyone tiptoeing around her after her dad’s tragic car accident. David loves Kit’s curious attitude and the attention she showers on him. When she asks for help uncovering the details behind her father’s accident, the two can’t begin to predict what they’ll find and the effect it will have on their nascent relationship.

  • The cover of the book We Now Return to Regular Life

    We Now Return to Regular Life

    What happens when a kidnapped boy returns home? Sam Walsh was an ordinary kid—athletic, carefree, and energetic—who, one summer day, begged his sister Beth to cover for him while he rode his bike to the mall with his neighbor Josh. But he never came back. Three years later, Beth and Josh are still recovering from the loss of that day. Beth is finally living a high school life without the stigma of the “missing boy’s sister” and Josh struggles to keep a secret from the day Sam disappeared. And then, all of a sudden, Sam is back and their worlds are upended again. This literary thriller is gripping and will make you ache with compassion for the characters within.

  • The cover of the book One of Us Is Lying

    One of Us Is Lying

    I know detention always felt like a slow death, but what if it actually was? In One of Us is Lying, five strangers walk into detention at Bayview High and only four walk out alive. In what feels like a murderous remake of the 80s movie The Breakfast Club, the Brain, the Beauty, the Criminal, the Athlete and the Outcast all end up in detention together, but Simon, the outcast—and the creator of Bayview High’s gossip site—never makes it out alive, and investigators say his death is not an accident. Simon had dirt on the rest of his detention mates, which he was planning to post, giving each of them a strong enough motive for murder. Or are they just a cover-up for another killer on the loose? You’ll have fun trying to solve this one.