• The cover of the book Laura Lamont's Life in Pictures

    Laura Lamont's Life in Pictures

    In this novel spanning a lifetime, Elsa Emerson goes from Door County, Wisconsin’s local playhouse to Hollywood, where she becomes the fabulous movie star, Laura Lamont. She marries a producer, and lives a seemingly perfect life, but she’s never far from the little Elsa she once was. And when the pictures change, and she is deemed redundant and old, she has to make her own third act. A lovely meditation on determination and Hollywood across the ages.

  • The cover of the book Lucky Me

    Lucky Me

    Sachi Parker is Academy Award-winner Shirley MacLaine’s daughter, and let me tell you, Sachi dishes in this memoir. Throughout the book, there’s this dual narrative of what Sachi is told is happening (the Mob wants to kidnap her! Her real father is on a secret government mission in outer space!) and what is actually happening, and she almost never gets the full truth about either. The poignancy of a grown woman longing for a mother who sent her to Japan for the entirety of her childhood made me well up a few times, and there were plenty of laughs and gasps as well. And yes, Shirley MacLaine does believe in aliens.

  • The cover of the book Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper

    Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper

    This is a novel, written by someone who ghostwrites Hollywood memoirs, pretending to be a tell-all memoir written by a movie star named Lizzie Pepper. Got all that? You’ll recognize a story arc not altogether unfamiliar to those of us tabloid readers who followed the rise and fall of Tom Cruise’s marriage to Katie Holmes. In this book, the male mega-star is a member of “One-Cell Studio” a Scientology-like cult that sucks his young wife in too, and you learn of their quick courtship, her pregnancy, the dark spots in the marriage, and the disillusionment that inevitably comes after all the glitter has worn off.