• The cover of the book The Last Time I Lied

    The Last Time I Lied

    From the author of last summer’s bestselling thriller Final Girls comes a new heart-quickening read about a young woman who returns to her childhood summer camp to uncover the truth about a tragedy that happened there 15 years earlier. When Emma was a girl, she watched her cabinmates sneak out in the middle of the night, and they were never seen again. Now, Emma’s an adult and an artist, and her eerie paintings have caught the eye of the camp director, who invites her back as an art teacher. But when she sets foot back on Camp Nightingale’s newly reopened grounds, she’s confronted by clues about what happened those many years ago.

  • The cover of the book The Snowman (Movie Tie-In Edition)

    The Snowman (Movie Tie-In Edition)

    On the morning after the first snowfall, a young boy named Jonas wakes up to find his mother missing and a mysterious snowman in the front yard wearing his mom’s pink scarf. Inspector Harry Hole thinks there must be a connection between this and 11 other women who have disappeared, all during the first snowfall. But as Harry closes in, the killer begins to change his pattern to draw Harry further and further into his web.

  • The cover of the book Into the Water

    Into the Water

    This is the second psychological thriller from the author of The Girl on the Train, and Paula Hawkins manages to make it just as riveting. This book opens when a single mother is found dead at the bottom of a river that flows through the town. She’s not the only woman who was lost to this river over the years—a teenage girl was found dead earlier in the summer, and more before her. But now, the woman’s daughter is left all alone with only her aunt to turn to, though she doesn’t trust her at all. This is a creepy story of a town and a river, which will threaten to pull you under as you read.

  • The cover of the book The Bone Collector

    The Bone Collector

    Lincoln Rhyme used to be a talented forensic criminologist—until an accident physically and emotionally sidelined him. But now a killer wants Lincoln to come out and play again and leaves him taunting clues that only he can solve, leading him back to a dark chapter of New York City’s past. With his partner, detective Amelia Sachs, by his side, Lincoln Rhyme must think like a diabolical madman in order to outsmart the killer.