Monumental Crime Thriller by Alexander Soderberg

Get a sneek peak of The Andalucian Friend before it hits shelves. Trust us, you'll enjoy it.

andalucian friend

The Andalucian Friend is the first of a trilogy that will set the world on fire.

Here’s the story. When Sophie Brinkmann meets Hector Guzman, her life is perfectly uneventful. She’s a nurse and a single mother, living with her son in a sleepy Stockholm suburb. She likes Guzman’s quiet charm and easy smile; she likes the way he welcomes her into his family.

She quickly learns, though, that his smooth façade masks something much more sinister – he’s the head of an international crime ring that is at war with a rival organization. Before she can fully grasp the extent of his dangerous world, her life starts to come undone: her family is at risk, a long-lost friend mysteriously resurfaces, and she realizes that she can trust no one.

Whether she likes it or not, she’s now at the center of a global turf war between Spanish drug traffickers, German gangsters, Russian hit men, and Swedish cops. To get out alive, and with her integrity intact, she will have to summon everything within her to navigate this intricate web of moral ambiguity, deadly obsession, and craven gamesmanship.

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The Andalucian Friend is a breathtaking thriller of the first order – turbo-charged, action-packed, highly sophisticated, and unputdownable.

Get a sneak peek of The Andalucian Friend now before it hits the shelves on March 12, 2013!

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ALEXANDER SODERBERG has worked as a television screenwriter and lives in the countryside in the south of Sweden with his wife and children. The Andalucian Friend is his first novel.

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