7 Totally Original Gifts to Give a Mom this Mother’s Day

Show your appreciation for the mamas, grandmamas, and mom-figures with these knockout gifts.

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and in addition to a pretty wildflower bouquet or gift certificate to her favorite eatery, we’ve compiled a list of useful and fun gifts to show your appreciation for the mamas, grandmas, and mom-figures in your life. From irresistible gift books that will have her jonesing to learn a new skill to practical stationery for her correspondence drawer, we’ve got a ton of little ways to share the love this Mother’s Day.

Cutting Machine Crafts by Lia Griffith

Gifts for mom: Cutting-Machine-Crafts

If you know a crafty mom who has an electronic cutting machine, this DIY project book is the ultimate gift. With 60 ideas for getting more imaginative with holiday decor, textile patterns, kids’ crafts, and more, Cutting Machine Crafts is the best way to get the creativity flowing. Download the printable templates, follow the corresponding step-by-step instructions, and join in the fun to make magic with paper, vinyl, and iron-on transfers in the most fuss-free way imaginable.

Lost in Translation Notecards by Ella Frances Sanders

Gifts for mom: Lost in Translation Notecards

It’s easy to get lost in this box of 12 note cards—each card bears a foreign word with a meaning that doesn’t translate directly into English. Ever wish there was a word for that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling? There is—in Tagalog! There’s also the Portuguese word for running your fingers through a lover’s hair, the Farsi word for the twinkle in your eye when you first meet someone, and many more. Paired with Ella Frances Sanders’ sweet illustrations, these cards are sure to surprise and delight any mama on your Mother’s Day gift list.

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Botanicals: 100 Postcards by The New York Botanical Gardens

Gifts for mom: Botanicals postcards

Whether she’s looking for pretty stationery or a way to brighten up her desk space with a print or two, moms of all stripes will love this box of 100 postcards from the New York Botanical Garden. Write her a love note on the card bearing her favorite flower and encourage her to hang a few of these bright illustrations in her cube at work. She’ll be thanking you (and thinking of you!) for weeks to come.

Q&A A Day for Moms by Potter Gift

Gifts for mom: Q&A A Day for Moms

For the new moms in your life, this prompted journal is the perfect way to capture and treasure every moment—both monumental and minuscule—from the very beginning. With a question per day and the opportunity to keep the journal for five years, moms can reflect on all their favorite and most challenging memories and see how things change over time. But it’s not just about the kids: this flower-clad, portable keepsake is also a safe space for moms to record their own monumental parenting moments.

The New Wine Rules by Jon Bonné

Gifts for mom: The New Wine Rules

Being a mom is no joke. Sometimes the best gift is a little peace and quiet—and a good bottle of wine. The New Wine Rules, written by renowned wine authority Jon Bonné, takes all the stress out of choosing and drinking vino. Mom can become her own sommelier and read up on her favorite styles and regions, tips for pairing at home and at restaurants, and advice for browsing and buying. This little guidebook is the perfect drinking companion for any mom and her pals. They deserve a break!

Lemons are a Girl’s Best Friend by Janet Hayward

Gifts for mom: Lemons-are-a-Girls-Best-Friend

An apple a day might not keep the doctor away, but one of the 30 superfoods explained in this little book just might! Give Mom the gift of a much-earned spa day: Lemons are a Girl’s Best Friend not only has recipes for drinks and snacks that will nourish the body, but also beauty treatment recipes using the very same superfood ingredients. From masks and exfoliants to toners to enhance glow, there’s much to learn about the benefits of berries, tomatoes, fennel, and more. Here’s a taste of what she’ll learn: cherries assist in collagen production, mangoes are great for hair health, and lemons help keep your skin clear.

Love and Lemons Meal Record and Market List by Jeanine Donofrio

Gifts for mom: Love Lemons Meal Planner

If mom needs help getting organized for a grocery shopping trip or planning a meal for the next family get-together, look no further than Jeanine Donofrio’s Love and Lemons Meal Record and Market List. This bundle of goodness boasts a notebook for meal-planning and a corresponding notepad to use for writing a perfectly curated shopping list. Armed with tips from the author of The Love and Lemons Cookbook, this is sure to please anyone who needs a little more organization in the kitchen.

Featured Image: Matt McCarty



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