• The cover of the book North of Dawn

    North of Dawn

    Gacalo and Mugdi have watched over their son Dhaqaneh from Oslo, but when he kills himself in a suicide bombing in Somalia, they know he’s lost to them forever. But his wife and children are still alive and living in a refugee camp, so with mixed feelings, the couple asks the family to come live with them. Farah’s tale is a moving portrait of grief, faith, and generational loyalty.

  • The cover of the book Liberated Spirits

    Liberated Spirits

    While the robber barons get most of the attention when it comes to Prohibition, it was actually women who drove the repeal of the 18th Amendment. This book follows Mabel Willebrandt and Pauline Sabin as they rose to power against all odds to bring the nationwide alcohol ban to an end. Pair it with a bottle of wine, and toast to your grandma: she’s earned it.

  • The cover of the book City of Secrets

    City of Secrets

    Elizabeth Miles may have secrets and ghosts in her own past, but she does what she can to help other high-society women solve their problems. Her friend Priscilla Knight has been left penniless after her husband died under mysterious circumstances and in great debt, and Priscilla herself is suspected of his murder. Elizabeth fights to clear Priscilla’s name, but must do so without letting the skeletons in her own closet come to light.

  • The cover of the book The Fresh and Healthy Instant Pot Cookbook

    The Fresh and Healthy Instant Pot Cookbook

    The Instant Pot is the multifunctional device that’s taking kitchens by storm, so chances are, your grandparents already own one. If so, this cookbook of lighter, healthier meals for the appliance is a perfect gift. The author is a certified nutritionist, and each of the recipes has a gorgeous photograph to show off just how delicious they are.

  • The cover of the book Presidents of War

    Presidents of War

    The relationship between the American presidency and war is a complicated one, which is exactly what author Michael Beschloss traces in this important new book. Beschloss examines American presidents from James Madison to the present day to look at how these men coped with the challenges and demands of leadership during war—or how they didn’t.

  • The cover of the book The Day You Begin

    The Day You Begin

    If your grandparents regularly help out with their young grandchildren, Jacqueline Woodson’s book might be just the thing they need. It’s an empowering story about finding the courage to connect with others, especially when you’re feeling lonely because you’re different from the people around you—a great message for readers of all ages.

  • The cover of the book Life Is Long!

    Life Is Long!

    Are your grandparents intent on living healthy lifestyles? Then they’ll love the book Life is Long, a guide to living a healthier, longer life. The book includes tips such as spices that improve cardiovascular health and how often we should stand up and move around during the day. It takes information from the latest studies to offer the best advice on how to live a longer (and happier!) life.

  • The cover of the book Speeches of Note

    Speeches of Note

    We all need some inspiration in our lives every now and then, and this book of speeches is just the tool to provide it. By the author of Letters of Note, this book gathers 75 of the most interesting speeches, some of which were delivered by well-known figures such as Albert Einstein and Frederick Douglass. If your grandma or grandpa enjoys thumbing through history, you can’t go wrong with this gift.

  • The cover of the book Gandhi: The Years That Changed the World, 1914-1948

    Gandhi: The Years That Changed the World, 1914-1948

    Most of what people know about Mohandas Gandhi involves his fight in the 1940s to free India from British rule. But his work as an activist and his influence on events around him started much earlier than that. This book traces Gandhi’s time in India, starting in 1914, and how he became the historical figure we all know today.

  • The cover of the book On Sunset

    On Sunset

    This gorgeous memoir traces Kathryn Harrison’s childhood, during which she was raised by her grandparents above Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. On Sunset is a meditation on privilege and loss, on traveling and putting down roots, while also being a very personal story about the author’s grandparents and what they meant to her.