• The cover of the book June


    As a young woman mourns her grandmother’s passing, she discovers she’s been named the sole heir of a fortune belonging to a legendary star, Jack Montgomery—so she digs into her family’s past to discover a summer of murder and intrigue. The timeless storytelling and alternating chapters with a Hollywood past make June the perfect cross-generational read. 

  • The cover of the book Northern Lights

    Northern Lights

    The debut novel from the author of The Things They Carried is a tale of two brothers who must put aside their bitterness toward one another as they fight to survive a Minnesota blizzard. Told with a unique narrative voice, Northern Lights is a compelling read, whether you like complex relationships or stories about the wilderness. 

  • The cover of the book My Life Next Door

    My Life Next Door

    When Samantha falls for her next-door neighbor Jase Garrett, she must keep their relationship a secret from her disapproving, senator mother. My Life Next Door looks like a romance on the surface, but its core conflicts stem from the forces that threaten to pull families apart, and bring them back together. 

  • The cover of the book Smoke


    Written in mesmerizing, atmospheric prose, Smoke begins in a boarding school in an alternate historical England, where the wicked are revealed through the smoke that pours from their ears. Adventure, secrets, love, and familial conflict all collide in a story with plenty of appeal for readers of all ages and genres.