• The cover of the book Besties


    So maybe you don’t have a whirlwind romance, or even a crush—but you do have your best friend. We all have that person we call when we have amazing news, and they’re usually the same person we call with bummer news, too. The person you have standing Sunday brunch plans with is also the one who knows all your most cringe-worthy stories (and would never tell a soul!). Give the truest love of your life this adorable gift book of vibrant, charming vignettes that illustrate the unique bond of inseparable besties.

  • The cover of the book The Future Is Female

    The Future Is Female

    For your nasty galentine, this empowering journal is the perfect gift to give this year. With inspiring quotes and rallying cries, The Future is Female is the ideal place to jot down personal reminders to stay strong, vent feelings toward certain loathsome politicians, scribble ideas for self-care, keep track of fears and accomplishments, take notes at motivational speeches, and log volunteer hours. “Keep writing. Keep fighting. Keep using your voice.”

  • The cover of the book What I Love About You

    What I Love About You

    With a few well-chosen words, a thoughtful card goes a long way. Here’s What I Love About You is a prompted notepad that encourages you to list the ways you love your friends and romantic partners. Each page in this delightfully sweet notepad bears a list-making prompt like, “Here’s what I feel when I see you,” “Here’s what makes you charming,” or “Here’s what I hope for you.” Add one of these lists to your sweetie’s V-Day gift or bestie’s Galentine’s Day surprise, and they’ll cherish it forever.

  • The cover of the book May I See You Home?

    May I See You Home?

    Chock-full of cute, 19th-century pickup lines and compliments, this cheeky little romance companion is the most innocent and endearing way to express your feelings for that special someone. Rather than the corny florist’s note, attach the charming Escort Card to a dozen roses. Woo your date with old-world sentiments and maybe—just maybe—they’ll let you walk them home.

  • The cover of the book Dear Jane

    Dear Jane

    Need relationship advice? Who better to guide you than the all-knowing Jane Austen herself? Think of this as your weekly relationship column: everyday problems are put into perspective with witty quips from Austen’s most popular tales. Wondering why everyone you meet is a creeper? Pride and Prejudice has an answer for that. Need help with your thieving roommate? Emma has some advice for you. “Am I coldhearted if I can’t stand Valentine’s Day?” See what Jane has to say about that!

  • The cover of the book Our Q&A a Day

    Our Q&A a Day

    Whether it’s your first Valentine’s Day with your partner or your tenth, this little activity book will introduce the joy of discovery to your relationship. Packed with daily questions for you and your partner to ponder, Our Q&A A Day tracks your answers to the same 365 questions over the course of three years. If that doesn’t say commitment, we don’t know what does!

  • The cover of the book Come As You Aren't

    Come As You Aren't

    Are you and your partner looking for a little adventure to keep the spark ignited? We’ve got you covered with this steamy role-playing kit, Come As You Aren’t. Stacks of Who, What, and Where cards will get your creative wheels turning and encourage you lovebirds to get into the heads of alluring personas with a certain…ahem, mission to accomplish. Get out your suspenders and scarves, because each character has a specific accessory to toy with when you find each other. Keep the fires burning with this little tinder box of delight.

  • The cover of the book Sex Checks

    Sex Checks

    Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to spice things up in and out of the bedroom. With fun, flirtatious transactions that look like real checks, you can gift your S.O. a coupon for “a private lap dance” or forgiveness of a “debt” (forgetting to take out the trash, maybe?). In return, bill them for a striptease or a massage. Leave these naughty little notes as suggestive surprises—stuffed in books, hidden in lunch boxes, folded in jacket pockets, tucked in sock drawers. It’s the one type of check you can’t wait for them to cash.