• The cover of the book How to Pack

    How to Pack

    You know that impasse you come to every time you open your suitcase? When you can’t decide if you’ll actually need that evening look, whether you should bring your whole medicine cabinet of toiletries or not, and how many accessories are too many accessories? Get ahead of the curve and plan better with this handy little guide to packing the perfect bag. Whether you’ll be relaxing at a beach resort, exploring a new city, or going on a business trip, you’ll learn how to save space, plan the perfect outfits, and enjoy the most boring part of your trip (we’re looking at you, airport gate).

  • The cover of the book Go!


    This adorable guided journal is the perfect way for your kiddos (or grand-kiddos) to cherish the trips you take by making their own unique memories. Whether they like red, yellow, or blue (the journal comes in all three colors!), they’ll love filling out fun prompts like “ask a local,” drawing the hotel room they’re sleeping in, playing the games on “the waiting page,” and filling out adventure reports. And you’ll love helping them fill it out (or perhaps finding a little bit of peace while they do), all while making memories of your own.

  • The cover of the book Greetings From: 24 Vintage-Style Postcards from National Parks Across America

    Greetings From: 24 Vintage-Style Postcards from National Parks Across America

    If you haven’t been to a national park recently, we highly suggest you consider one for your next destination. Nothing is quite as relaxing as spending some much-needed hours communing with nature, snapping Insta-worthy photographs, and taking in all the beauty this country has to offer. With this booklet of 24 vintage-style postcards, you can send beautiful notes to family and friends from whichever national park you visit. Or use them as wall art to commemorate your favorite hiking trips! You didn’t hear it from us, but you won’t find cards this cute in the visitor’s center.

  • The cover of the book Instant Mini-Photo Journal

    Instant Mini-Photo Journal

    If you don’t already own an instant-film camera, now’s the time to pack up some instant film and our prompted photo journal to make memories that will last a lifetime (and won’t get lost on an external hard drive or the depths of your “cloud”). Our mini, spiral-bound journal is one part photo album and one part photo prompts that will make a perfect keepsake for any trip you take. Prompts encourage you to tote your camera around and taste the rainbow, have fun in the sun, document your dinner, and spend some time communing with #nature. Get out there and get snappin’!

  • The cover of the book House Industries Drawing Pad

    House Industries Drawing Pad

    The design experts at House Industries have created the sketchpad of a doodler’s wildest dreams. This drawing pad boasts 40 high-quality sheets of blank drawing paper, a primer on hand-lettering and illustration from the studio’s experts, and an extra-thick backing board for sketching on the go. Draw quick portraits of passersby to bide the time, use the pad to play a round of Tic-Tac-Toe, or practice illustrating your own fonts, inspired by the road-trip signage you see on your adventures this spring.