Marlon and Jake Read Dead People Trailer

December 19, 2019 — An introduction to Marlon and Jake Read Dead People, a new podcast in which Marlon James and Jake Morrissey tell the truth about dead authors and their books.

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We’re here to tell the truth about books and authors we think are worth knowing about, and we’re going to be honest. Brutally, unsparingly honest. Which is why the authors have to be dead.

– Marlon & Jake

MARLON AND JAKE READ DEAD PEOPLE is a podcast hosted by the Man Booker Prize-winning and internationally bestselling author Marlon James and his editor, Jake Morrissey, Executive Editor at Riverhead Books. In each episode Marlon and Jake talk about authors—specifically dead authors. Authors they like. Authors they hate. Great books, terrible books, and books they love that you’d never expect them to. As a writer and an editor, Marlon and Jake have read thousands of books between them, and they’re not shy in expressing their opinions about them. Sometimes they’ll agree, sometimes they won’t, but in every episode they’ll tell you what they think – uncensored and with no holds barred. (That’s why the authors have to be dead.) So listen along to hear about the spectacularly good, the hilariously bad, and the brutally honest.