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Rethinking The Three Musketeers With a Feminist Twist

Laura L. Sullivan, author of Milady, explains why she decided to rewrite the classic tale.

By LAURA L. SULLIVAN • 6 months ago
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A Novel About Good Love Born Out of Grief

Claire Lombardo, author of The Most Fun We Ever Had, recounts the healing process of writing her debut.

By CLAIRE LOMBARDO • 6 months ago
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How Books Make Us Feel Less Alone

The author of How Could She remembers finding hope (and glamour) in the Vintage Contemporaries.

By LAUREN MECHLING • 6 months ago
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How Reading Improves Your Health

Ayaz Virji, family physician and author of Love Thy Neighbor, on why books are the new apple a day.

By AYAZ VIRJI • 6 months ago
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Keeping My Dad’s Legacy Alive

Beau L'Amour introduces Louis L'Amour's Lost Treasures, a series celebrating the American storyteller.

By BEAU L'AMOUR • 6 months ago
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Sharing My Dad with the World

Erin Lee Carr, author of All That You Leave Behind, remembers her father through his life lessons.

By ERIN LEE CARR • 6 months ago
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5 Powerful Affirmations You Should Read to Yourself Daily

Let reading empower you today and every day.

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Why We’ll Always Love Small-Town Libraries

Casey Cep, author of Furious Hours, reminds us that small-town libraries are irreplaceable and essential.

By CASEY CEP • 7 months ago