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Why You Should Read Outside of Your Comfort Zone

If you want greater learning, memory, and creativity, mix up how (and what) you read.

By BENJAMIN HARDY • 5 months ago
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Turn Reading Into a Healing Ritual with These Simple Steps

Reap even more benefits from books by transforming your routine.

By KELSEY J. PATEL • 5 months ago
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How The Joy Luck Club Inspired Me to Be an Author

Reading Amy Tan's classic changed everything I knew about writing.

By FRANCES CHA • 5 months ago
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How Being a Librarian Saved My Life

Before I was a novelist, I was a librarian. Here's how it changed me.

By AMANDA EYRE WARD • 5 months ago
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The Power of Reflection and Memory in Fiction

Mary Rose Maccoll, author of Lost Autumn, explains why we seek that "final coming home" in fiction.

By MARY-ROSE MACCOLL • 6 months ago
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How Libraries Affirm Our Humanity

Pastor and author Emily M. D. Scott praises the enduring promise of public libraries.

By EMILY M. D. SCOTT • 6 months ago
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Why Slow Reading Is Perfectly Okay

The author of Do Nothing calls for enjoying words as a luxurious meal, rather than a hurried buffet.

By Celeste Headlee • 7 months ago
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Books to Read to Inspire Hope

A neurosurgeon shares five books that helped him see so much grace and light in the world.

By W. LEE WARREN, M.D. • 7 months ago