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Voting is Sexy: On Setting a Romance Novel Amidst the Suffrage Movement

Evie Dunmore, author of A Rogue of One's Own on why feminism and falling in love are actually compatible.

By EVIE DUNMORE • 1 month ago
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Your Reader Personality Based on Your Enneagram Type

Know your Enneagram type? Then check out what kind of reader you are!

By MARILYN VANCIL • 3 months ago
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The Allure of Older Protagonists

There is always still room for revision, expansion, and squeezing out even more meaning.

By DANIEL HORNSBY • 3 months ago
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What We Learn When We Read About Families

By immersing ourselves into the dynamics of fictional families, we can begin to examine the ways in which our own families shaped us.

By PHOEBE FOX • 3 months ago
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How to Carve Out Time to Read as a Parent

Spoiler alert: It's not easy. But, it can happen.

By TINA PAYNE BRYSON • 3 months ago
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6 Must-Haves for a Good Historical Fiction Novel

If a historical story has these elements, it's bound to be a show-stopper.

By WENDY HOLDEN • 3 months ago
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The Significance of Translating Literature

There isn’t one right way to translate a text, but there is a responsibility to give words value and meaning.

By VICKI LAVEAU-HARVIE • 3 months ago
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What Road Trips Add to a Story

The literary road and the real road are very different, but both are very important in character development and telling a story.

By VANESSA VESELKA • 3 months ago