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A Conversation with Elisa Gabbert

The poet and essayist speaks on the communal value of libraries, and how poetry’s become the new pop music.

By • 6 days ago
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Enchiladas As Love Letters

The Proposal author talks showing love through food (in fiction, and in life).

By JASMINE GUILLORY • 1 week ago
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How to Be a Couple Writing about a Couple

The Mr. Nice Guy authors talk the traps (and perks!) of writing about a couple (who write about each other).

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To All the Authors I’ve Loved Before

A.J. Jacobs, author of Thanks a Thousand, thanks the authors of books he remembers fondly.

By A.J. JACOBS • 1 week ago
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Updating Rebecca for the Instagram Age

The Winters author discusses maintaining mystique on the internet—in plot and IRL.

By LISA GABRIELE • 1 month ago
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Why Every Mom Needs Permission

To read. To write. To conquer the world.

By RACHEL MARIE MARTIN • 1 month ago
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How to Make Reading a Habit

The Atomic Habits author presents down-to-earth ways to work reading into our busy lives.

By JAMES CLEAR • 1 month ago
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Frequent Flyer (Reading) Miles

Like his father before him, author Mark Adams espouses the ideal marriage of reading and flying.

By MARK ADAMS • 1 month ago