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5 Women in Literature Who Are Total Bosses

The author of Like She Owns the Place spotlights leading ladies who changed their own stories.

By CARA ALWILL LEYBA • 3 days ago
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How to Keep Plot Twists Fresh

Somebody's Daughter author David Bell reveals the most crucial component for building suspense.

By DAVID BELL • 1 week ago
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How to Curate the Ultimate Home Library

Making a space that reflects your taste, choosing books that excite, and other tips from an expert minimalist.

By TARA BUTTON • 4 weeks ago
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On Attempting to Be an Ally

The House of Rougeaux author talks the uncomfortable—and necessary—foundation of allyship.

By JENNY JAECKEL • 1 month ago
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Proust’s Muses

The author of Proust's Duchess reveals the real-life women who crafted themselves into living legends.

By CAROLINE WEBER • 1 month ago
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My Favorite Ensemble Novels

The author of Visible Empire spotlights the casts of characters she can't forget.

By HANNAH PITTARD • 1 month ago
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What Is It About Frenemies?

The frenemy relationship is popular literature, but why? Author Karen White explores.

By KAREN WHITE • 1 month ago
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Guests of Summer in The High Season

When locals and outsiders collide at the Hamptons, anything can happen.

By JUDY BLUNDELL • 2 months ago