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Our Fave Romance Books Where Hate Turns to Love

Jen DeLuca, author of Well Met, Well Played, and Well Matched, gives us her fave hate-to-love romance books.

By JEN DELUCA • 2 weeks ago
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Tackling Real-Life Issues in Romance Reads

Alexa Martin, author of Snapped, talks about why heavy topics like racism, grief, and sexism in the workplace should be explored in the context of romance novels.

By ALEXA MARTIN • 3 weeks ago
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What Stephen Hawking Taught Me About Life

Leonard Mlodinow, author of Stephen Hawking: A Memoir of Friendship and Physics, reflects on all the lessons he learned from the acclaimed physicist.

By LEONARD MLODINOW • 4 weeks ago
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6 Works of Nonfiction that Read like Fiction

Jordan Ritter Conn, author of The Road From Raqqa, on some of his favorite true stories, all told with incredible pacing and deep empathy.

By JORDAN RITTER CONN • 1 month ago
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The Magic of Food in Fiction

Samantha Vérant, author of The Secret French Recipes of Sophie Valroux, talks about the savory visions that are induced when reading about food.

By SAMANTHA VÉRANT • 1 month ago
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Books About Power Dynamics

The Comeback author Ella Berman selects books that have power dynamics running incisively through them.

By ELLA BERMAN • 2 months ago
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Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Lisa Scottoline shares how Philip Roth influenced her new novel and reveals other historical fiction works she's been learning from recently.

By LISA SCOTTOLINE • 2 months ago
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How to Get Motivated to Read

It's not always easy to carve out time to read. Todd Henry, author of The Motivation Code, urges us to find what motivates us and start there.

By TODD HENRY • 2 months ago