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We were all young adults once.

young adult

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Young Adult books have gotten a bad rep among older readers, perhaps because the name of the genre suggests that these books are only meant for teenagers and people in their early twenties. And maybe these books are marketed that way, but the main distinguishing factor between YA and adult books is simply that the main characters in young adult books are, well, young adults. Meanwhile, the quality of writing and the depth of storytelling still remain as accessible to adults as they are to teens, especially since all adults were young once.  These 14 titles represent some of the best of the best, YA books that are also adult-friendly.

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About Nicole Fiorica

Nicole Fiorica

NICOLE FIORICA studies Communications at Fordham University and is an intern with the Crown Publishing Group. She has recently come to terms with the fact that she will never finish her To-Be-Read list, but will continue to buy new books anyway. She talks endlessly about all things reading and writing at scribblesincambria.wordpress.com and can be found on Twitter at @nicolefios.

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