Psychological Thrillers that Bend Your Mind

Don't you love it when you're never quite sure what’s on the next page?

Psychological Thriller

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We love psychological thrillers for a whole host of interesting reasons: we’re drawn to the mysteries they include; the characters’ minds we can wrap ourselves into or stare at from the outside, horrified; the sense of insecurity we have when reading them, never quite sure what’s on the next page or around the next corner or through the next plot twist; the way we teeter at an edge of understanding that either pays off by proving us correct or veers off a cliff and proves us entirely wrong. This bookshelf is for those of you who, like us, enjoy the twisty-turns of the minds that bring the psychology and thrill to the psychological thrillers.

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About Ilana Masad

Ilana Masad

ILANA MASAD is an Israeli-American writer living in New York. Her work has appeared in The New Yorker, Tin House, Printer’s Row, The Toast, The Butter, The Rumpus, Hypertext Magazine, and more. She is the founder of, a podcast for new, emerging, and struggling writers. She is (way too) active on Twitter @ilanaslightly.