Perfect Books for Mothers

Jennifer S. Brown, author of Modern Girls, selects stories that highlight the bond between mother and child—in a non-cliché way.


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In much of literature, mothers fall into stereotypes: the smothering mother, the distant mother, the hipster mother. The mothers in these stories reach beyond the cliché and highlight the bond between mother and child or at least provide a family story so fun and refreshing that you can live with a trope or two. This topic is close to my heart: My first novel Modern Girls, which is set in New York City’s Jewish immigrant community in 1935, examines a mother and a daughter each wrestling with unthinkable choices that will force them to confront their beliefs and may irreparably change their worlds forever.

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About Jennifer S. Brown

Jennifer S. Brown

JENNIFER S. BROWN has published fiction and creative nonfiction in Fiction Southeast, The Best Women’s Travel Writing, The Southeast Review, The Sierra Nevada Review, and the Bellevue Literary Review, among other places. Her essay “The Codeine of Jordan” was selected as a notable essay in The Best American Travel Writing in 2012. She holds an M.F.A. in creative writing from the University of Washington. Modern Girls is her first novel.

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