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Reading a decent international crime novel is a passable way to spend the blank hours between wandering around the “NEW PAPERBACK FICTION!” section in an airport kiosk and performing reverse origami on yourself when your plane’s tires hit the tarmac in another city. Reading a great international crime novel, on the other hand, thrusts you in the middle of another place’s personality and priorities—and offers many of the benefits of travel itself, minus the indignity of removing one’s shoes or paying nine dollars for a tepid bottle of water. These writers and their thrillers share no borders with ‘tepid.’


Bookshelf Curated by Lauren Oster.

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Lauren Oster

LAUREN OSTER is a freelance writer and editor. Her second-grade teacher let her sneak out of class to read old mysteries in the library. She now lives on New York City’s Lower East Side with her husband, two cats, and a fog machine. Her work has been published by Redbook, McSweeney’s, National Geographic, HGTV, and others; she tweets about culture, smuggling fireworks, and plastic animals at @lmo_nyc.

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