Books You Read in College as an English Major

14 classic novels you can finally read for pleasure—instead of homework.

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Whether you took AP in high school or majored in English Literature in college, there’s a fair bet that you read (or pretended to read) many or all of these. There’s a funny thing about books we’re told to read for class, though; there’s a forced element to it, as if we forget, when a teacher tells us to read something, that we actually love reading. Then, too, we put on the English Major Goggles when we read things for class: we look for symbols and doubling and foreshadowing and other stuff of that nature. As an English major myself, I can’t say that’s not valuable, because it is. But there’s also a value to rereading these books after college, or remembering (when you’re reading them for class) that you really, truly, like to read, and that there’s a reason so many of these books are musts in the literary canon.

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Ilana Masad

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