7 Bookish Gifts to Get You Ready for Your Next Trip

The best road food, hilarious conversation starters, and dreamy drawing pads. Ready, set...road trip!


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Now that the weather is finally getting nicer, all we can think about is packing our bags and hitting the beach or the mountains—or both! Whether you’re taking a cross-country road trip, planning for summer camp, or traveling abroad, this little list of travel gifts has you covered with books to help you pack, journals to savor every memory, and things to keep your idle hands busy.

If there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that you can never prepare too much for a trip (and yes, you’ll inevitably forget your toothbrush). So, while you procrastinate on work and look up dream getaways, check flight prices, and write over-detailed itineraries, check out this selection to find your perfect traveling companion!

Featured image: Elsa Jenna

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