7 Stories that Highlight the Ties Between Women

These authors don't hold back from uncovering the complexities of female friendship.

Bonds between women

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When it comes to friendships from our youth, we remember it all—from the ill-advised matching hair dye jobs to the cathartic ice cream benders. As we grow older, the tone of our relationships undoubtedly shifts as we help each other cope through life’s twists and turns. Few people hold a place in our hearts like a best friend, but what happens when people grow apart, or start harboring secrets? And what of the complex relationships between mother and daughter, with their ability to transform into friendship—or get lost in a space of disconnect? Relationships can be soured by the very things that make us human: the pursuit of happiness, wanderlust, or the simple passage of time. These seven books by women explore the complex nature of our most meaningful relationships—with our sisters, our mothers, and the women we meet as we grow.

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