7 Books to Help You Communicate Better and Live a Happier Life

Sakyong Mipham, author of The Lost Art of Good Conversation, on increasing mindfulness and compassion.


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Especially in challenging times like ours, leading a happy and rich life means communicating more mindfully, becoming better listeners, appreciating the people around us, and just being more genuinely engaged. While training in conversational skills is at the crux of my new book, The Lost Art of Good Conversation, it is just as crucial to acknowledge that good conversation is rooted in the principles that enable us to be truly human, including meditation, kindness, and recognizing the innate worthiness of oneself and others—the basic principles of the Shambhala tradition.

This is the common theme among the books included here, which present ways to enhance our lives by cultivating a mindful and openhearted approach that allows us to connect with others and communicate more authentically.


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SAKYONG MIPHAM is the head of the Shambhala lineage, which is grounded in the power of creating enlightened society in everyday life. With a unique blend of Eastern and Western perspectives, he teaches this way of social transformation throughout the world. In addition, he extends his vision to a number of humanitarian projects in Asia and the West. He is the author of the bestselling titles Running with the Mind of Meditation and Ruling Your World.