7 Books About Art and Artists

Putting art, music and film into words.

art and artists

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Writing about other art forms is a challenge, as I learned when I tried to do it in my novel The Life and Death of Sophie Stark. You can’t fully capture the experience of watching a movie or seeing a painting, so you have to do the next best thing: tell a story that’s just as beautiful, in its own way, as a painter’s masterpiece or a groundbreaking film. These seven books do this and more. They tell fascinating stories while saying something new about the act of creating art.

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Anna North

ANNA NORTH is a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and her writing has appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, The Atlantic, Glimmer TrainNautilus, and Salon; on Jezebel and BuzzFeed; and in the New York Times, where she is a staff editor. The author of America Pacifica, she lives in Brooklyn, New York.