6 Books Set in the Alaskan Wilderness

Winter might seem never-ending, but these arctic adventures will make you feel downright toasty.


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Often referred to as the “final frontier,” the Alaskan wilderness—with its long, harsh winters and a wildlife that outnumbers its human inhabitants—is far from a vacation for any traveler willing to accept the challenge. These books, while all set in Alaska, are wildly diverse (pun intended) in terms of message, tone, and outcome, but each aims to capture the intense backdrop of the location. If winter is beating you down, settle in with one of these chilly, adventurous reads and be grateful you’re not stuck on the frozen tundra of Alaska.

Featured Image: Connor Robertson/Unsplash

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Gianna Antolos

GIANNA ANTOLOS is a graduate of Pace University and owner of a very dusty Master of Arts in English Literature. In pursuit of a career in publishing, she put down the pen and found her niche in marketing. She is excited to re-unite with her pen in an effort to share her passion for the books she falls in love with every day. She resides in New York with her Croatian husband and his eighty-five relatives that live next door, across the street, and in the apartment above. You can follow her on Instagram @giannasantolos.

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