14 Books to Read on Your Next Vacation

Sit back, relax, and leave a little extra room in your carry-on for these literary travel companions.


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Sometimes, choosing the book to read on your getaway is just as important as selecting the vacation destination itself. Finding the right read to have on hand at your location—for the beach, or on long train rides, to curl up with before bed, or to devour on the plane ride—has the power to transform the mood of your entire trip. There are hundreds of books—fiction and non-fiction—set in enticing, faraway lands, so we did some of the work for you. Whether you’re headed to a tranquil stay on the Amalfi Coast or a tropical adventure in South America, we’ve got the perfect literary travel companion for you. Sit back, relax—and leave a little extra room in your carry-on. And don’t worry: We’re assuming you’re already well-acquainted with classic travel narratives On the Road, Eat Pray Love, and Wild, so we haven’t included those here!

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About Arianna Davis

Arianna Davis

ARIANNA DAVIS began her obsession with reading with The Baby-Sitter’s Club. While she’s since graduated to more adult titles (ok, so she did reread Twilight a few times…), her passion for books has remained the same. A Maryland native, she now lives in Long Island City, New York, where she likes to try new restaurants and read along the water. Her own writing has been published in Us Weekly, O, The Oprah Magazine, New York Magazine, Pop Sugar, and more. Follow her adventures on Instagram: @ariannagab

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