Author Essay

One Author’s Thoughts on Paying It Forward

Even during the most divisive of times, quiet generosities thrive.

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7 Children’s Books that Still Frighten

Author Sarah McCoy confesses the persistent phobias from her childhood reads—evil bunnies and all.

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7 Dog Days of Summer Books

If you're looking for an escape from the heat, take an adventurous romp with these delightful hound novels.

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Your Reading Life

7 Deadly Sins of 7 Legendary Lit Loves

These lovers take their chances with the 7 deadly sins...

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14 Novels that Inspire 14 Gobbles

Reading and eating...what could be better?

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14 Books to Netflix

These book-to-film adaptations are not to be missed.

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7 Books That Inspire You to Travel

Got that wanderlust? We have you covered. Read on for 7 books that will make you pack your bags, call the pet sitter and skip town—all curated by Sarah McCoy, bestselling author of The Mapmaker's Children.

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