Shiny New Summer Paperbacks

The best part about these new releases? You can fit an even dozen in your tote.

By • 2 months ago
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How I Dared to Write About Werewolves (And Still Do)

Linda Godfrey, author of I Know What I Saw, reveals the surprising books that inspired her career in monsters.

By LINDA S. GODFREY • 2 months ago
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The Headline That Changed My Life

Bianca Marais, author of If You Want to Make God Laugh, reflects on the impetus of her new novel.

By BIANCA MARAIS • 2 months ago
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How Writing My Book Helped Me Work Through Shame

Laura Sibson, author of The Art of Breaking Things, explores healing after abuse—with her protagonist, Skye.

By LAURA SIBSON • 3 months ago
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In Praise of Reliable Narrators

Author Cristina Alger insists we need reliable female narrators in fiction, now more than ever.

By CRISTINA ALGER • 3 months ago

6 Thrillers That Hinge on Split-Second Decisions

Stay on the edge of your seat as characters face life-changing decisions.

By DAVID BELL • 3 months ago

8 Books to Banish Burnout

From cathartic fiction to moving manifestos, these are must-reads to get through your burnout cycle.

By • 3 months ago
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A Novel About Good Love Born Out of Grief

Claire Lombardo, author of The Most Fun We Ever Had, recounts the healing process of writing her debut.

By CLAIRE LOMBARDO • 3 months ago