7 Bookish Gifts to Get You Ready for Your Next Trip

The best road food, hilarious conversation starters, and dreamy drawing pads. Ready, set...road trip!

By POTTER GIFT • 1 year ago
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7 Books that Made Me Hungry to See the World

The author of My Dead Parents revisits the culturally diverse books that expanded her worldview.

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Discover Paris by the Books

Experience the City of Light with a très magnifique reading list.

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6 Books to Make You Quit Your Job and Go on an Adventure

Check out the books that lured the Rocket Men author away from his desk to play among astronauts.

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The Best Books to Pair with Pizza

Elevate your pizza game with these perfect pie-and-book combinations. (Napkins recommended!)

By DAN BRANSFIELD • 1 year ago
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What’s So Bad About a Marriage of Convenience?

The Italian Party author observes marriages of convenience, and the pain, friendships, and art that bloomed from them.

By CHRISTINA LYNCH • 1 year ago
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Getting Into Character

What happens when you know your protagonist too well? The author of The Wolf Club reveals.

By BETH LEWIS  • 1 year ago
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How Playing Tennis—Badly—Improved My Writing

Joanne Serling, author of Good Neighbors, on facing down her perfectionism while playing doubles.

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