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How Libraries Affirm Our Humanity

Pastor and author Emily M. D. Scott praises the enduring promise of public libraries.

By EMILY M. D. SCOTT • 1 year ago
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Why Slow Reading Is Perfectly Okay

The author of Do Nothing calls for enjoying words as a luxurious meal, rather than a hurried buffet.

By Celeste Headlee • 1 year ago

8 Special Gifts for Everyone on Your Nice List

You can't go wrong with any of these unique, star-studded picks.

By POTTER GIFT • 1 year ago

11 Books to Read if You’re Obsessed with Fleabag

Kick off your reading list with Waller-Bridge's new scriptures.

By • 1 year ago
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Reading Books to Build Empathy

Latasha Morrison, author of Be the Bridge, on how books bridge the gap between lives.

By LATASHA MORRISON • 1 year ago
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The Perfect Martinis to Pair with Your Favorite Books

The Martini Cocktail author recommends top-notch variations of literature's favorite drink.

By ROBERT SIMONSON • 2 years ago

8 Bookish Gifts to Fall for This Autumn

Treat yourself—and your fave readers!—with these picks from Potter Gift.

By POTTER GIFT • 2 years ago
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Why Every Book Club Needs Food

The author of Tasting Grace talks the joy of food (and shares her potato-bacon torte recipe!).

By MELISSA D'ARABIAN • 2 years ago