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The Perfect Martinis to Pair with Your Favorite Books

The Martini Cocktail author recommends top-notch variations of literature's favorite drink.

By ROBERT SIMONSON • 2 months ago

8 Bookish Gifts to Fall for This Autumn

Treat yourself—and your fave readers!—with these picks from Potter Gift.

By POTTER GIFT • 2 months ago
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Why Every Book Club Needs Food

The author of Tasting Grace talks the joy of food (and shares her potato-bacon torte recipe!).

By MELISSA D'ARABIAN • 2 months ago

6 Charming Books About Bookstores

Is there anywhere better to while away an afternoon?

By • 2 months ago
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Why We Need Novels to Bring History to Life

Carolina De Robertis, author of Cantoras, pays tribute to the real women who inspired her novel.

By CAROLINA DE ROBERTIS • 3 months ago

20 Books to Help You Navigate Grief

A reading list for one of life’s most universal—and life-altering—experiences.

By • 3 months ago
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Getting Your Wine Right for Book Club

The author of Natural Wine for the People thinks of wine as an entry point to literature.

By ALICE FEIRING • 3 months ago

The Beauty of Multigenerational Novels

Kristan Higgins, author of Life and Other Inconveniences, recommends her favorite family sagas.

By KRISTAN HIGGINS • 3 months ago