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8 Books You Should Make Your Dad Read

Scaachi Koul's advice for dads: Don't get on Twitter, and read these books.

By SCAACHI KOUL • 2 years ago
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David Mark’s Writing Space

The author of Cruel Mercy invites Read it Forward into his writer's lair.

By DAVID MARK • 2 years ago

7 Stories About Survival

Life After author Katie Ganshert shares seven survival stories to add to your TBR.

By KATIE GANSHERT • 2 years ago
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I’m Not My Main Character (I Swear)

Unreliable author Lee Irby may be a professor like his protagonist, but he's not a killer.

By LEE IRBY • 2 years ago
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Each Unhappy Family Makes for a Great Read in its Own Way

Annabelle Gurwitch on families, fiction, and that special kind of crazy reserved for relatives.


Start Reading Life After, by Katie Ganshert

When a sudden explosion rips through a train, twenty-two lives are lost. One is spared.

By KATIE GANSHERT • 2 years ago
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Inspiration Among the Bookshelves

One author on her favorite libraries to write in. 

By JENNIFER KLINEC • 2 years ago

10 Books to Help Understand the Arab Experience

When the Arab Spring uprisings erupted in 2011, these books helped one journalist make sense of the Middle East's upheaval.

By RACHEL ASPDEN • 2 years ago