Marc Morrone, Martha Stewart’s Pet Expert, on Springtime with Your Pets

Springtime offers challenges for both wild, outdoor animals and the pets we live with indoors.

For wild birds in particular, the coming of spring means ‘love is in the air’ and so are the lovestruck birds – all too often, right into your windows. If a male bird sees his reflection in the glass, he will attack the presumed adversary, and potentially hurt himself. If the bird “sees” the competing suitor from a distance, he may also fly directly into the glass, resulting in severe stunning or even death. If the bird lands on your window sill or deck to take a closer look at the avian challenger, he won’t be able to see much above a six inch height, so it would be wise during this Spring Fling season to put up some kind of covering to match that height, so that the bird can’t see his reflection.

For those who have outdoor fish, like koi, warmer weather means it’s time to start feeding your fish again. Just be sure to use a transitional food which is not too rich.

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For your indoor pets, tropical fish and reptiles need their heating elements to remain on; and that includes leaving those elements plugged in even during the coming summer months. Consistent heat is essential for these sensitive creatures. Indoor birds who start begging to be let outside must either have an enclosed area or have their feathers trimmed. The call of the wild when Spring arrives is a powerful invitation to potential harm.

Finally, the arrival of Spring means it’s time to “top spot” your cats and dogs for fleas and ticks. Those biters know no season, and your veterinarian is the best authority to recommend the best brand.

Spring should be a time of promise and celebration. It’s easy to make sure that the animals in your life are there to celebrate with you.

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