Normal People Episode 4 with Rebecca Marsh

May 15, 2020 - On this episode of The Adaptables, Emma and Abbe chat about episode 4 of the Normal People adaptation on Hulu and the BBC. They're joined by Rebecca Marsh, Associate Director of Publicity for Viking and Penguin Books.

On this episode of The Adaptables, Abbe and Emma chat about episode 4 of the Hulu and BBC adaptation of Normal People by Sally Rooney. They’re joined by Rebecca Marsh, Associate Director of Publicity for Viking and Penguin Books.

Abbe, Emma, and Rebecca discuss what goes down during Normal People: The College Years, The Debs, the diversity of Dublin, college class conversations, Marianne’s glow-up, and more.

I'm one of those people who needs to read the book before watching the adaptation.
—Rebecca Marsh

Discussion breakdown:

– Episode recap (:54–3:23)
– Rebecca’s relationship to the book and the faithfulness of the adaptation (3:23–5:19)
– Welcome to Dublin: the diversity of campus, Connell’s new learning environment (5:19–7:55)
– Is this bookish podcast hosted by former English majors a substitute for good conversation about books? Is the Normal People adaptation a good substitute for a study abroad program? (7:55–9:50)
– Connell’s got a foot in both worlds (9:50–13:48)
– Connell learns to socialize at university and sees Marianne for the first time (13:48–16:44)
– Marianne’s collegiate glow-up (16:44–19:59)
– Marianne’s college friends—how well do they know her? (19:59–22:48)
– Jamie the Jerk (22:49–26:52)
– Having capital “O” opinions in college (26:53–28:20)
– Marianne’s breakup with Gareth and the reigniting with Connell (28:20–30:40)
– Rebecca’s favorite adaptations and what she’s reading (32:37–35:47)

Marianne Fringe Report:

✂ Marianne’s She’s All That /Hermione’s Yule Ball moment and getting noticed at the Debs
✂ Is Marianne a young Anne Hathaway? Or baby Robert Downey Jr.?
✂ Marianne’s college look is our new style icon

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