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Literary Thriller Fans! Start Reading Uncle Janice

"Matt Burgess does not sleep for one sentence. Neither will you," says one critic. Uncle Janice has been called "an addictive read." What makes a book hard for you to put down? Tell us in the comments!

By • 2 years ago
Author Essay

A Daughter Discovers Her Manic-Depressive Father’s Secret Manuscript

When we offered up Advance Reader's Copies of He Wanted the Moon, many of you shared touching stories of your own family's experience living with mental illness. How do you think public perceptions have changed since Dr. Perry Baird and his family dealt with his manic depression in the 1940s and 50s? Tell us in the comments!

By • 2 years ago

The Book Club Ice-Breaker

Welcome book group members and book group facilitators! Read It Forward is here to help you create a one-of-a-kind book club experience.

By • 2 years ago
Author Essay

How to Write Memoir If You Have a Rotten Memory

By Joanne Huist Smith, author of The 13th Gift • 2 years ago

Start Reading Hag-Seed

By Margaret Atwood

Earth is a Planet

By Mike Massimino
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