Author Interview

Following the Footsteps of the Characters in We Were the Lucky Ones

Author Georgia Hunter uses this interactive map to show where one Jewish family, separated at the start of World War II, ended up.

Author Interview

An Interview with Edan Lepucki

The author of Woman No. 17 talks motherhood, art and how her latest novel "is like Big Little Lies but without the murder."

By • 4 days ago
Author Essay

The Price of Inheritance

Susan Rieger, author of The Heirs, ponders the steep cost of the dangling inheritance.

By SUSAN RIEGER • 5 days ago

Kick-A** Characters: Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series

She's smart, witty, benevolent with the wand and she's a huge reader. We're under Hermione's spell.

By • 6 days ago

14 Books to Give Any Recent Grad

That will help them navigate post-college life AND won’t make you seem out-of-touch or preachy.

By • 6 days ago


By Andy Weir
Author Interview

In Conversation with Jillian Cantor and Georgia Hunter

The authors of The Lost Letter and We Were the Lucky Ones on the intricacies of writing historical fiction.

By • 1 week ago

Clichés are Dangerous

Why some well-worn phrases are worse than just bad writing.

By • 1 week ago
Author Interview

Stuart Stevens on Football and his Father

The author of The Last Season reflects on time spent with his aging father doing what they love.

By • 1 week ago
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