Enter to Win: The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir

As England becomes enmeshed in the early days of World War II and the men are away fighting, the women of Chilbury village forge an uncommon bond. They defy the Vicar’s stuffy edict to close the choir and instead “carry on singing,” resurrecting themselves as the Chilbury Ladies’ Choir.

An enchanting ensemble story that shuttles from village intrigue to romance to the heartbreaking matters of life and death, Jennifer Ryan’s debut novel thrillingly illuminates the true strength of the women on the home front in a village of indomitable spirit.

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  • Karen

    WWII is one of my favorite subjects. Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to win this giveaway!

  • Traci Hearty

    Has anyone ever won one of these books? I have been submitting for years and have never won a book!!

    • Patty

      I’ve won 2,

    • mz

      I’ve won 3x and one of the wins contained six books! Keep trying, good luck!

    • Karen

      I have also been trying for years and have yet to win one. I wonder why some people have won multiple times while others are still waiting.

  • phyllis

    I have won several books

  • shirlz

    I grew up in a small rural Midwestern town during WWII, sang in the church choir, mother (school teacher), father (shoemaker) off to fight; so Jennifer Ryan’s book promises to be a great read for me with lots of comparable stories within.

  • Sally Parks

    Love the premise of the story. Will definitely buy if I don’t win.😀

  • Lesa Caputo

    This looks like a great one!

  • stoptreading

    Really looking forward to reading this book!

  • OneidaLane

    Because I enjoyed Alexander McCall Smith’s La’s Orchestra Saves the World, this new title by a new author appeals to me.

  • Rebecca Haigh

    Looks like a great escapism read, perfect blizzard and hot chocolate book! Thank you for the opportunity and good luck everyone!❄️

  • Donaree Neville

    We learn so much that we don’t know about history while reading it in a “fun” form with historical fiction! I LOVE historical fiction. Thanks for giving these away.

  • Terry

    I have recently found so many stories about the women on the home front during WWII. It is a fascinating topic and one that speaks volumes to the women of today. Sounds like a great read!

  • Mindy Sharp Gaines

    Do they give away the physical book or Kindle?

    • Merry Miller Moon

      Physical book

      • Mindy Sharp Gaines

        Thank you!

        • Merry Miller Moon

          You are welcome, Mindy! When they do a Kindle giveaway, it will say ‘Kindle’ or other device. I’ve won from them before. The books are great! Fingers crossed you win!

  • ivan mckinnon

    Thank you

  • Hippiechick2

    Ooo, I have had my eye on this book for some time. Plus, I’ve entered every giveaway I’ve found for it. No, I didn’t win it otherwise I would nit be entering here.

  • Linda

    I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this book to be released! And would be over-joyed to (finally!:) win the giveaway!

  • FelicitaMurray

    this looks like a great read

  • Sandy Falk-Michaels

    I always enjoy trying new authors, and the story here sounds like a good read. I’d love to win it, read it, and pass it on so others can enjoy it, too!

  • Tonya Mathis

    I often read books around WWII time frame. Sounds wonderful.

  • Theresa H. Wessman

    Will be looking forward to reading this wonderful novel. Thanks for the great opportunity.

  • Dlee Wallech

    I would love to win this book as I love to read books of all kinds and have never read much about another perspective of this era set in this time frame in this country such as this one.

  • Diane

    Hope to receive a copy. The plot & characters sound winning to me!

  • Margaret Turner

    I would love this book. I enjoy historical novels of various periods. This novel sounds like it’s more about those left at home during wartime which I can relate to. Hope I get a copy.Thanks.

  • Doris Thompson

    This would be such a good selection for our Book Club next year. Looking forward to reading it.

  • peacesun

    The five choir ladies tell this tale of how they coped in war-time. I think it’s a slice of life back then and want to read it.

  • Sandra Beck

    Would love it.Thanks for the chance Sandra Beck

  • Dustin Frueh

    I would also LOVE to win a copy!

  • Wanda Epperson

    I used to read all the time. Looks like a good book to get me started again. Thank you.

  • Florence Fales

    I love books that take place during world war II. Romance is a bonus.

  • Jeanine

    This is the genre I really enjoy! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • americanmade

    To bad it is really hard to win these giveaways because I would like to read this.

    • Joanne Gilmore

      Try your Library. They probably can get it for you if you really want to read it.

  • Blondetabby

    I would really like to win this book, but when I press Submit, it just spins and spins. Help!

  • Looks like a sweet book!

  • Rhonda Wilson

    On my TBR list

  • michelena2000

    Thank you.