Enter to Win a Bundle of Literary Fiction Written by Women

Four female authors examine deeply human themes through realistic and fanciful literary fiction.

These four books, two novels and two collections of short stories, are all beautiful examples of literary fiction written by women. Each explores challenging perspectives and approaches very real character struggle in ways that might surprise you!

The Boat People by Sharon Bala – When a ship of Sri Lankan refugees reaches Vancouver, a young father thinks he and his six-year-old can finally start a new life. Instead, the group is thrown into a detention processing center on speculation that some of them are connected to a separatist organization responsible for countless suicide attacks.

Only Child by Rhiannon Navin – First grader Zach Taylor heard gunshots ringing through his school; a gunman took nineteen lives that day. While Zach’s mother pursues a quest for justice against the shooter’s parents, Zach is determined to help the adults in his life rediscover the compassion needed to pull them through their darkest hours.

Awayland by Ramona Ausubel – Elegantly structured, this collection of stories span the globe and beyond, from small-towns and sunny islands to the Arctic Ocean and the gates of Heaven itself. Some are steeped in mythology, but they all remain grounded in universal experiences: loss of identity, leaving home, parenthood, joy, and longing.

Back Talk by Danielle Lazarin – Through stories that are at once empathetic and unexpected, the women and girls that populate this collection defiantly push the boundaries between selfishness and self-possession. With a fresh voice and bold honesty, Back Talk examines how narrowly our culture allows women to express their desires.


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