Gillian Flynn Talks with Google Play about Gone Girl

New York Times bestselling novelist Gillian Flynn talks with Office Hours at Google Play about Gone Girl – and why marriage can sometimes be as much a mystery as murder.

And check out the reader polls, reading recommendations, and more from Gillian Flynn, created just for you while she was our RIF Guest Editor!

  • Barbara P

    THis is the first of Gillians books which I have read. It was engrossing and twisty and kept me guessing all the way. I found it an interesting read.

  • Jessica

    I really want to read GONE GIRL. It’s very high on my TBR list!

  • Kathy

    We are reading this next for book club. I have read and heard so many good reviews of this story that I am looking forward to reading it and discussing it at book club.

  • Renae Bell

    This was the first of Gillian’s books that I’ve read, also. I thought it was simply brilliant; I’ve never read 400+ pages so fast in my life. I hated to put the book down it was soooo captivating with non-stop action. Now I’m just about to start “Dark Places.” Can’t wait! ;)

  • Tina M

    This was the first of Gillian’s books I’ve read as well and I can not wait to read her other books. I’ve already put a hold on them at my local library. Most interesting story I’ve read since Cheryl Strayed’s “Wild”.

  • mary arnold

    read gone girl on my kindle. also read 2 other of her books. all her books are great! look forward to more.